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Our College provides an exciting and rigorous educational experience designed to help each student grow into a caring, thoughtful, principled, personally and socially well balanced human being. Each student will have opportunities to become technologically literate, learn to communicate effectively, build teams and take risks in supportive environments.



Vijaya First Grade College believes in creating a healthy and exhilarating environment that stimulates excitement and delight in learning and mastering new skills and concepts. We practice a student – centered approach to instruction following an inter-disciplinary and inquiry based curriculum.


Interactive Class Sessions:

The Classroom is enriched with interactive and participatory sessions rather than the one-way mode of lecturing. This stimulates the young minds and fosters an enjoyable and fun loving way of learning.


Projects and presentations:

Real life simulations are conducted through regular projects and presentations dealing with a variety of topics ranging from environmental awareness to creating a sense of social responsibility.


Modern Teaching Aids:

At Vijaya First Grade College we are equipped with the latest teaching accessories like the Overhead projectors, computers, video conferencing facilities etc



Courses offered


  • Individual attention
  • Inclusive Education
  • Teachers – Hiring the talent
  • Transparency
  • Curriculum
  • Facilities

We believe each Student is unique and nurture, this potential at every stage of their College life, to “transform the potentiality into reality”

Rules of Admission
  1. Admission of students is made on the basis of their merit and government roaster system.
  2. Eligibility: pass in PUC or equivalent examination
  3. Admissions are made on the condition that students will abide by the rules and regulations of the institution.
  4. Required documents necessary for admissions are:-

•  Completed application form,

•  Four recent passport size photograph of the applicant ,

•  Original Marks card of the qualifying examination along with 3      attested copy,

•  Transfer certificate of previous institution,

•  Three copies of income/ caste certificate duly attested by     a Gazetted officer along with original certificate (to claim     reservation / fee concession etc) ,

*   Mobile Numbers and WhatsUp Numbers

•  Applicant should sign an undertaking starting that he/she     would abide by the rules of the institution,.

5. Candidate once admitted cannot claim refund of Fee already      paid under any circumstances.

6. The parents/ Guardian presence during admission of       student is mandatory.

Rules of the college.

  1. Fee:- Every student should pay the prescribed fee
  2. Working hours:- 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  3. Dress code:- Uniform
  4. Students should not indulge in any activity which disturbs the other classes,Premises should be neat and clean.
  5. Vehicles should be parked in parking place only.
  6. Mobiles are strictly prohibited in the campus.
  7. Ragging and Eve teasing are strictily prohibited.
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